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Danielle Slaughter
Danielle SlaughterCreator

“It’s really hard to narrow down my favorite videos on the amaze jr. playlist because everything is so good! These five videos all cover the things that I don’t always consider when talking about difficult subjects.”

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Casey Brown
Casey BrownNonbinary Transgender Parent

“As a transgender parent engaged to a queer fat femme raising a 6th grader, we talk a lot in our house about gender, bodies, puberty, sexual orientation, and consent consent consent. AMAZE videos are an excellent way to start, restart, or review all these topics with ease. I especially love that AMAZE relies heavily on definitions of the language we use to talk about our bodies and identities. Without clear definitions, it can be tricky to see where we fit, but with the right language we can find communities, commonality, and allies.”

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Brent Almond
Brent AlmondDad, Blogger, Graphic Designer

“As a gay dad of a 10 year-old boy, it’s important that I raise my son to be both educated and open-minded about sex, sexuality and gender. AMAZE has a great collection of videos for kids about these topics that are funny without being too silly, and smart without being too clinical. From gender roles to coming out to how queer folks have babies, AMAZE has got it covered!”

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Leticia Barr
Leticia BarrMiddle School Computer Science Teacher and Education Consultant

“As a middle school computer science teacher and a mom of teens, I know how important it is to find trusted resources with materials tweens will pay attention to. videos and toolkits provide educators with helpful lesson plans that make talking about uncomfortable topics easier. I’m a big fan of the Sexuality & Tech Toolkit and all of the Amaze videos about personal safety and tech that reinforce positive messages today’s students need to hear about being safe in the digital world.”

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Jennifer Borget
Jennifer BorgetBlogger and Mother of 3

“I love Amaze videos because sometimes these conversations are just tricky to have with my kids and I don’t know where to start. I also don’t always feel like I want to read a book on every topic. These videos on puberty are short and sweet, appropriate, and easy to get the conversation going using science as a base. It’s basically helped me rip the bandaid off on a tricky conversation, then continue on filling in the blanks in a way that’s comfortable to me and my kids.”

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Phyllis Fagell, LCPC
Phyllis FagellAuthor, school counselor, psychotherapist, columnist

“My top five videos capture some of the typical challenges tweens face—the heartbreak of losing a close friend, the trauma of romantic rejection, the awkwardness of puberty, the difficulty of asking for help—then normalize these experiences and broaden kids’ perspective. For instance, friends can drift apart but still care about one another. And yes, rejection is painful, but it happens to everyone, and no one gets what they want in life without taking the occasional risk.”

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