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As a psychologist, I know how crucial it is for young people to have medically accurate, accessible and affirming sexual health information. That's what AMAZE provides for very young adolescents at a critical time in their emotional and physical development.Now more than ever, it is critical that our youth have access to accurate, fact-based sex education. @amazeorg is making that happen with #amazejr. AMAZE another video education project including videos on healthy relationships that are suitable for tweens and teens ...we warmly welcome AMAZE’s contribution to the field of reproductive health and rights by normalizing sex education and healthy sexual development among youth, parents, and educators. Bringing a message that growing up is normal and healthy, the AMAZE videos fill a critical gap in what’s been available to young people, their parents, and educators. has been a wonderful resource for me as a teacher, and parent. Couldn’t recommend these enough! Hey parents! If you have kids who are (or will soon be) ages 4-9, be sure to check out @amazeorg's new project, amaze jr. It's a really amazing sex education resource for parents and kids and I LOVE IT. We are working with to distribute its educational curriculum through our Girls Learn International network of middle school chapters and International Partner Schools and believe it is a great resource for youth, parents and educators. This series can be an invaluable starter resource for parents or guardians, teachers or helpful older siblings to direct the younger people in their lives they care about and need help talking with about bodies, sex, sexuality and relationships. Not sure how to start a conversation about sexual education with young people? Our friends at @amazeorg have videos and resources on bullying, porn, masturbation, puberty, and other essential topics. Health care providers are essential sex educators for youth and AMAZE gives them the tools to approach these often sensitive topics with not only their patients, but parents as well. As a pediatrician, I know how important it is for young people to have the all the information they need to keep themselves healthy.  Amaze is an incredible resource for adolescents and parents - to empower them and help keep young people safe and healthy. This resource is transforming the concept of sexuality education into something FUN to watch. Kids all over the world are curious and need and deserve to know accurate information about puberty, their sexuality, healthy relationships and safety. AMAZE is a resource not only for young people, but for parents and educators on how to talk to younger adolescents about sexual development in a shame-free and non-stigmatizing way. Talking to kids about sex, relationships and puberty can be a little tricky but AMAZE have created some great age appropriate video to support parents ...such a great tool and resource for those of us working with youth as it will help us assure and educate teenagers, parents and teachers about sexual and reproductive health and rights. I love the videos and I’m sure our youth will love them too. Bravo and thank you!!! Our staff and teens have utilized tools from Amaze in order to promote positive youth development. We are so thankful for Amaze’s innovative design, responsible content and accessible platform. provides essential information to a very important age group, and the information is delivered in a way that is accessible and non-threatening. Population Media Center specializes in using entertainment as education and we commend on a job well done. For youth, having accurate information and the answers to the questions they have related to sex,reproductive healthcare, changing bodies, and healthy relationships is critical in helping them make their own informed decisions. ...we love that AMAZE provides conversation starters, suggested answers to typical questions and website and book resources for parents and educators to use in talking with the young people in their lives. These engaging teaching tools are great to have in your repertoire when the time comes for @RiseUp_Together is excited to share this important new #MoreInfoLessWeird resource with young leaders in the US, and we can’t wait to share the upcoming Spanish series with our partners in Latin America.