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Embedded Playlists

What Is My Amaze?

My Amaze is a feature of our Amaze web site that allows any user to create and share curated lists of Amaze videos. For example a parent can create a list of videos to share with their children, a teacher can create a list for their classes, or a social influencer can create a curated list of videos to share with their followers.

Our new embedded playlist feature allows organizations to include My Amaze playlists directly on their web site.

Embedded playlists require minimum technology burden for the organizational partner, so that it can be mostly set up and managed quickly and nimbly by their content experts rather than requiring deep involvement from either their technical support or central office administrative or IT departments.  Playlists are created and managed on the AMAZE site using our simple web interface and typically there is a short line of code to be pasted into your organization’s web content management system (CMS) to place each playlist on your site.

Within the Amaze site you can add or remove videos from your playlist using the star symbol that appears in the upper right corner of each video, you can provide titles and descriptive narrative for your playlists, you can control whether or not additional “more info” content appears, you can customize the background color and AMAZE logo visibility.  All of these changes are made through our simple web interface without programming changes needed.   Any changes you make will appear instantly on the embedded list on your organization’s site.

Additionally, the embedded content is managed by the AMAZE infrastructure which means that our software will automatically adjust the display as needed for PC vs tablet vs mobile viewing, and the video hosting is taken care of for you.

Come see an example of embedded My Amaze playlists at the UNFPA East and Southern Africa Safeguarding Young People Programme page and an example of embedding multiple My Amaze playlists at the El Rio Community Health Center RHAP Services Page. Our embedded playlist feature is immediately available for your organization to use, and AMAZE content is cost free under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike International license.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss ways your organization can work with AMAZE content.

1- First, you will need to create an account or sign in to your account on My Amaze. My Amaze accounts are totally free.

2- Once you have logged in, you may create and manage your own video playlist(s):

  • Select “Create playlist” to get started, and choose a name for your playlist.
  • Within the Amaze website you can add or remove videos from the playlist by clicking the star which appears in the top right corner of each video.
  • You can also provide your own titles and descriptive narrative for your playlists, control whether or not additional “more info” content appears, customize the background color and AMAZE logo visibility all through our user interface without programming changes needed.

3- To personalize the playlist to match your website, you may:

  • To Add/ Remove the AMAZE’s logo from the playlist, which will appear at the top of the videos: Click on the palette icon “Customize Playlist” you may select the option to “show” or “hide” the logo.
  • To change the color of the playlist: Also under the “Customize Title” section, you can choose a color of your preference, and you may also type in a color code (usually provided by your website developer/ designer) that will match your site.

Color Picker

4- To embed the playlist on your site:

Select the “Playlist Embed Code” icon on the top of the playlist. This will display the embed code in a dialog box. Click “copy” to copy the code to your clipboard

Embed Code

No matter what platform you are using, there will normally be a field to insert the code.

The second step is to navigate the place where you want to insert the playlist and identify a place for it. Then paste the embed code into that spot.

For reference, see the following example using WordPress:

Embed WordPress

If you are using Wix, this usually is available under the Embed section of the menu. Then select Embed a Widget.

Embed Wix

You can then click and drag the embed box, and use the settings to paste your iframe code in.

Embed Wix

That’s it! You should now be able to see your playlist directly on your website! As you can see from the screenshot below, your own website content and navigation appears above and below the embedded playlist, and the embedded playlist is scrollable to contain as many videos as you wish. Any changes you make to it through the My Amaze web site will appear instantly on the embedded list on your organization’s site.

Embedded Playlist