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What Are STIs? (English – Pacific Islands)
What Are STIs? (English – Pacific Islands)
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What Are STIs? (English – Pacific Islands)

This video explains sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their modes of transmission. It acknowledges the prevalence of certain STIs, noting that while some are treatable, others are not, although symptoms can often be managed with medication. The video outlines common symptoms of STIs, highlighting the importance of seeking testing if experiencing such symptoms or engaging in unprotected sexual activity. It details various testing methods (blood, urine, saliva, or discharge swab) and places to undergo testing (healthcare provider, family planning clinic, STI clinic). Additionally, it stresses the importance of regular testing, advising at least once a year even with protected intercourse, as some STIs can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. Lastly, the video underscores the significance of consistent condom and latex barrier use for STI prevention, along with regular testing.

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