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Consent Explained: What Is It? (English – Pacific Islands)
Consent Explained: What Is It? (English – Pacific Islands)
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Consent Explained: What Is It? (English – Pacific Islands)

This video offers a definition of sexual consent, emphasizing that agreeing to one behavior doesn’t imply consent for another. It stresses the importance of respecting individuals’ rights to change their minds and always halting actions to honor their wishes. Furthermore, it highlights that the absence of a “no” does not equate to consent, and underscores that consent cannot be given under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The video also provides definitions for sexual assault and rape, emphasizing that victims are never at fault and suggests seeking support from a trusted adult if such experiences occur.


International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education

4.2, ages 9-12

Consent, Privacy and Bodily Integrity

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