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What Is Bullying? (Asia Region)
What Is Bullying? (Asia Region)
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What Is Bullying? (Asia Region)

This video defines bullying and differentiates the types of bullying – active bullying (physical or verbal), passive bullying (making someone feel inferior or excluded), and cyber bullying (sending mean messages via text, email, or social media). The video goes over what to do if someone is bullying you or if you witness bullying, including saving the evidence of cyber bullying. It also includes how to support someone being bullied.


Please click the link below for a lesson plan for teachers to accompany this video.

This lesson plan is one of nine individual, scripted lesson plans available to support in-school or out-of-school delivery of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in Southeast Asia. The scripted lesson plans are designed to incorporate the use of AMAZE educational videos that address the lesson plan topics and can be used to supplement existing lesson plans or resources that you may already be using in the delivery of CSE.

International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education

1.3, ages 9-12

Tolerance, Inclusion and Respect

View videos for 1.3 (ages 9-12)

4.1, ages 9-12

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