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AMAZE aspires to leverage its resources to meet the needs of young people across the world– regardless of where they live or what school they attend. In addition to the United States project, the AMAZE team is working hard to expand AMAZE’s reach internationally through partnerships with non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, and Ministries of Education, Health and Youth around the world.

Looking Ahead

For example, to bring AMAZE to South and East Africa, partners Marie Stopes, South Africa and UNFPA, East and Southern Africa Regional Office, in collaboration with local animators TVSMITH (South Africa) and Arnold Suuna (Uganda) are working with the Amaze team to adapt and dub AMAZE videos for wide distribution in the region.

AMAZE Latin America has been brought to life through partnerships with DKT International and International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere, along with IPPF country member associations, MEXFAM (Mexico), PROFAMILIA (Colombia), and Iniciativas Sanitarias (Uruguay).

Iniciativas Sanitarias, in close consultation with Uruguay’s National Sexuality Education Program and the Ministry of Education, also launched AMAZE Uruguay as a resource to support sex educators in their efforts to implement quality sex education in the nation’s schools.

Amaze Around the World

Partners in South Korea (AOOSUNG), Japan (PILCON), and Madagascar (Projet Jeune Leader) continue to sub-title, dub and/or adapt AMAZE videos to reach young people in their countries.

Through these efforts collectively, more than 80 AMAZE videos have been dubbed, adapted or subtitled into Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Afrikaans or Xhosa by AMAZE partners.

In addition, a core group of AMAZE videos have been sub-titled in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Swahili, Hindi, Urdu, and Russian to reach additional youth.

And we are not finished yet. The AMAZE team is actively seeking non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, and Ministries of Education, Youth and Health from across the globe to join us in our efforts.

To learn more, or to help bring AMAZE to a country or region complete this form or contact [email protected].