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Logan Levkoff
Logan LevkoffMiddle School Teacher

“I am a huge fan of the Amaze videos and use them with students of all ages. I love these videos in particular because they focus on subjects that are often hard to talk about. They facilitate wonderful and nuanced conversations about identity, perceptions of safety and emotional intimacy, and diversity. I use these in my home with my children, too!”

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Deborah Roffman
Deborah Roffman7th Grade Teacher

“Here are some of my seventh grade students’ favorite AMAZE videos. The students rate them highly because they give straight up, useful information and advice, and they lay out the positives and negatives of options open to kids in various situations. They also clear up myths and misinformation and help kids avoid dangerous situations.”

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Tanya M. Bass
Tanya M. BassSexuality Educator

“As an instructor of a Human Sexuality course, the AMAZE videos are a resource for my students to learn from and then to use when they begin teaching middle and high school students. The videos are great for teaching and discussing various topics including sexual orientation, gender identity, and STDs/HIV. The animation and information are a perfect mix of content and engagement.”

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Videos for 9th Graders, curated by Al Vernacchio, MSEd
Al VernacchioEducator, Speaker, and Author of For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, & Health


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Judy LoBianco
Judy LoBiancoHealth/PE Department SupervisorSHAPE America President

Here are three great recommendation for 8th graders from Judy LoBianco (President of SHAPE America). According to Judy about her top pick, Love is Love, “the critical element of the video for me is that relief that is portrayed after having told someone you’re gay and the example of the conversations as a model to help young people find their words and their strength.”

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Maureen Quinones
Maureen QuinonesMiddle School Teacher

“I like AMAZE because it is a different way to reach my students.”

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Crystal “Diva” Day
Crystal Assistant Athletic Director
& PE/Health District Coordinator

“It is an organization that provides tangible tools that aid in empowering our teachers to better serve our students, staff and community!”

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Felicia Ceaser-White
Felicia Ceaser-WhiteSHAPE America Southern
District President

“I like Amaze because it’s age-appropriate and makes teaching and learning about sexual health, the body, and relationships fun to learn through the animated videos.”

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Heidi Galleni
Heidi GalleniMiddle Grades Curriculum Lead

“These are some of my favorite videos to introduce mental wellness topics. They are funny, sensitive, and relatable.”

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Clayton Bell
Clayton BellSexual Health Educator

“My favorite thing about the AMAZE videos is that they cover all sorts of topics related to sexual health and are produced for a range of age groups. My playlist includes the topics I discuss in classroom settings.”

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Jamie Sebring, Ed.D., CSHE, CSCA
Jamie SebringMiddle School Teacher

“I love how AMAZE takes difficult topics/concepts and presents them in a way that makes sense to young people. Check-out my playlist, it includes all of my students’ favorite videos.”

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Drew Miller, MEd
Drew MillerHigh School Teacher

“AMAZE takes the “big ideas” that young people need to know about sexuality topics and packs them into fun, age-appropriate videos.”

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Vanessa Peña-La Torre, MPH, CHES
Vanessa Peña-La TorreACT Program Manager, 5-12 sexual health

“I like AMAZE because of its ability to affirm diverse experiences, promote inclusivity and acceptance, and remain approachable – all while using age-appropriate language and medically-accurate information that is accessible to people across the lifespan, and of different cultural backgrounds.”

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Ann McCabe, MS, MAT
Ann McCabeMiddle/High School Health
and Wellness Teacher

“Amaze helps to remove the shame and stigma from these important educational topics that every student deserves to learn about.”

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Marissa Henesey, Ed. M
Marissa HeneseyElementary School Counselor

“My playlist is based on needs that I view as often universal. My hope is that my playlist can help young people start conversations that are often hard to navigate.”

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Jean Gallmeyer
Jean GallmeyerCertified Sexual Health Educator

“AMAZE is comprehensive sex education that is FUN!”

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Sierra Bailey
Sierra BaileyAdolescent Health Educator

“I believe AMAZE is a relatable, engaging, and educational source that can reach the youth in a positive way.”

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