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Young people between the ages of 10 and 14 years old can vary greatly in their physical, emotional and social development. Given the range of developmental variation seen in this age group, there are videos that are appropriate for everyone and some that may be more relevant for older or more mature young people. Use this guide to help you gauge which videos are appropriate for your children or the young people you work with.

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These videos are appropriate for all young people.


For young people on the older end of 10-14 years.

  • Puberty
  • What is a Wet Dream? (Nocturnal Emission) Everyone
  • Period Hygiene: Tampons, Pads and Menstrual Cups Everyone
  • Feeling Depressed, Happy and Other Emotions Everyone
  • Figuring Out Who You Are Teen
  • What is a Wet Dream? Everyone
  • Why Don't I Like The Way I Look? Everyone
  • Puberty and Finding Out Who You Are Teen
  • OH NO B.O. (Changing Bodies) Everyone
  • All About Getting Your Period Everyone
  • Bodies: Different Shapes and Sizes. All Beautiful! Everyone
  • Masturbation: Totally Normal Teen
  • Sad and Happy: Feelings Happen Everyone
  • Top Signs Girls are in Puberty Everyone
  • The Jimmy Pimple Show - All About Male Puberty Everyone
  • Top Signs Boys are in Puberty Everyone
  • How the Boner Grows Everyone
  • Boobs and More Everyone
  • Sexual Orientation
  • What Is Sexual Orientation? Everyone
  • Love Is Love: Free to Be Me Teen
  • Talking Sexual Orientation with Jane Everyone
  • Gender Identity
  • My Friend Is Transgender Everyone
  • Being Female, Male, Transgender or Fluid Everyone
  • Expressing Myself. My Way. Everyone
  • Having the Talks
  • How Are Babies Made? Everyone
  • Relationships Everyone
  • Porn Everyone
  • Masturbation Everyone
  • Girls and Puberty Everyone
  • Bullying Everyone
  • Boys and Puberty Everyone
  • External Videos
  • Personal Safety
  • Sexting Everyone
  • What Should You Do If You've Had Unprotected Sex? Teen
  • What is Sexual Assault? Everyone
  • Being Safe on the Internet Everyone
  • Anti-Bullying Squad Everyone
  • What Is Bullying? Everyone
  • Porn: Fact or Fiction? Teen
  • Wise on the Web Everyone
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Active Listening: How To Communicate Effectively Everyone
  • What Makes A Relationship Healthy? Everyone
  • Rejection: It Happens To Everyone Everyone
  • Finding An Adult That You Can Trust Everyone
  • Are You Ready To Have Sex? Teen
  • Maybe Doesn't Mean Yes Everyone
  • How to Talk to Girls, Boys and Everyone in Between Everyone
  • How to Be a Good Listener Everyone
  • Dealing With Rejection: What's the Best Way? Everyone
  • Saying Yes or No: What Is Consent? Teen
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships Everyone
  • I Got a Friend | Peer Pressure Animated Music Video Everyone
  • Is it Love? Everyone
  • Consent Everyone
  • When Will I Be Ready? When Should I Have Sex? Teen
  • Friends Forever? Everyone
  • Pregnancy & Reproduction
  • So, You Think You're Pregnant Teen
  • What Should You Do If You've Had Unprotected Sex? Teen
  • Condoms: How To Use Them Effectively Teen
  • Pregnancy and Reproduction Explained Teen
  • Long-Acting Contraception Explained Teen
  • The Contraceptinator Teen
  • Where Do Babies Come From? Everyone
  • Birth Control Basics: Condoms, The Pill & Patch Teen
  • STDs & HIV
  • What Should You Do If You've Had Unprotected Sex? Teen
  • Condoms: How To Use Them Effectively Teen
  • HIV: How to Protect Yourself and Others Everyone
  • What are STDs? #FactCheck Teen
  • What Is HIV? Teen
  • The ABCs of STDs Teen