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Amaze makes growing up less awkward. Learn about your body and relationships with fun, animated videos that answer all your questions. Always free!

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At AMAZE, we envision a world where a child and young person’s sex education and sexual development is embraced as natural and healthy.

Our mission is to foster a global community where young people are fully supported, affirmed, and engage in open, honest conversations with the adults in their lives about topics such as puberty, pregnancy and reproduction, healthy relationships, and more!

For younger children, we have fun AMAZE Jr. videos that you can share and watch with them to answer some of their big questions!

Our AMAZE-ing information extends beyond a young person; we aim to empower the adults in their lives too—parents, guardians, educators, and healthcare providers worldwide!

Check out a few of our videos below and select your geographic location or language above to see more!