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World and Regional Maps:   Use our globe menu to find Amaze content worldwide and in different languages.  Tap on any country to see AMAZE content for that country, or tap one of the language buttons above the map for content in that language.

AMAZE Remembers:  Amaze sets a cookie when you visit country or language pages, and makes that your home page when you go to  You do not need to be logged into My Amaze for this, and we do not track this information.  If you like to browse many different country or language pages, Amaze will remember so you can pick up where you left off.

Enhanced language pages:  For regions or countries that do not yet have a full AMAZE Web site, we now have the ability to include deeper content such as a More Info pages for each video, as well as detailed region wide information such as Lesson Plans and Guides.  See our Asia Region page for an example.

Cross referenced languages:  On many language pages we now cross reference to offer alternate language pages that might be relevant due to shared regions or populations.  See our Hindi page for an example.


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