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About the Offline Content Process

We’ve tried to make AMAZE videos and Dig Deeper page content as easy as possible for you to consume offline. While you will need an internet/wifi connection to get the content, once you have it saved on your personal computer, you can view it whenever you like.


Step 1: Compiling the Zip file

The first step of the process is to “compile” your playlist content. Click on the  button displayed on the playlist page – to the left of the other playlist action buttons.

This step involves gathering all the playlist content elements: the videos themselves (mp4 format) along with all the text and images from the Dig Deeper pages (for the videos in the playlist) and compiling/compressing them into a zip file for you to download onto your computer. Depending on how many videos are in the playlist, how long they are (relates to their file size), this process can vary in duration – it’s not uncommon for it to take longer than a couple hours.

For this reason, we create a unique Download page each time a Playlist compile is requested. You can bookmark this page and return to it anytime to check on the compilation status.


Step 2: Download the Zip file

Once the compilation process is complete, a Download button will appear on the page. You just need to click that button to download the zip file to your computer. You should be aware of your browser’s download settings before you do this – as these can vary depending on user preference. Depending on your settings, the file might download automatically to a pre-determined folder/location (usually called “downloads”) or it could prompt you to tell it where to save the file each time you request a download.

Once the zip file has fully downloaded, locate it in your file structure – it will contain a string of random numbers and letters.

Open (unzip) the file. This can usually be done by simply double clicking the file but if you are using an older computer or software (pre-Windows XP) you may need to use a third-party app like WinZip or Stuffit Expander.

When you unzip the file, it will reveal a number of folders and files. These files/folders contain all the information, content and instructions needed to view the AMAZE Playlist and dig deeper content offline. It’s very important you don’t move/change the relative locations/contents of any of these files/folders (within the parent folder) or else it may not work properly.


Step 3: View AMAZE content offline 

Open (double-click) the “index.html” file in the primary folder. 

This will open a web-page in your browser that doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. The page is an offline representation of a Playlist page – it will show all of the videos in the playlist in the same “card” format as the AMAZE site.

If you included the Dig Deeper content in the download, the cards will also show the Dig Deeper button. Clicking those will take you to an offline version of the Dig Deeper page. All the same content is there, however (if you are not connected to the internet), the links to other pages or sites will not work.

Click the “back” button in your browser to return to the main playlist page – just like you would if you were connected.

If you need more help, don’t sweat it! We’ve created a version of this Instruction Page and included it in the zip file contents. You can access it by clicking the file named “whatever.html”


 Click here to open the index.html

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